How We Can Help You

Establishing and keeping a highly-professional web presence is vital to all organisations, great and small, in our online world. We offer solutions that are highly-effective and help you to make a great impact on the web.

What makes us different ?

  • Our focus on giving you the best value service, at all times
  • Sticking to the quotations that we give you
  • Always putting your needs first
  • Our passion for great, practical websites that really work
  • Our ability to combine design flair with technical expertise
  • Our huge range of industry experience from Arts and Media, Retail, Engineering, Financial Services. Large organisations to small businesses.

How we can help you…

Design and build your first website

Starting a new business is worrying enough… but then you have to plan and build a website too! Getting a free web presence is easy nowadays but where do you go if you want something that is more tailored to your business and will help you get your key messages across? It’s so hard to find good quality and get a quick turnaround – at a reasonable price that doesn’t keep changing.

At Shiny and New, we know and understand these problems (we’ve been there) and our track record of helping countless small businesses and local tradesmen to get started speaks for itself !

Secure a great website domain name

If you are starting a new business and you have nearly decided upon a name, how to go you about finding a website domain name to match ? We can help you brainstorm ideas, find the ones you like and help you order it quickly. Did you know that a whole new range of website suffixes have been launched – so you dont have to settle for boring old ! Just some of the examples available now are: .boutique .builders .cleaning .florist .photography .plumbing and .trade. Call us to find out more…

Get started with e-commerce

Getting started on your first e-commerce site is really exciting ! It might be that as a small business owner, having always relied upon traditional face-to-face selling until now, you realise the time is ripe to take your business online. Or, you might be a successful eBay seller who finds advertising, seller and Paypal fees are taking too much of your profit margins and you are ready to fly solo… Call us and we will be pleased to help you build your empire !

Improve your existing website

Update your design – does your website look like it’s from the 90’s? The web is all about images and videos with eye-catching colours, layout and consistency. Your customers want more visual communication and less writing.

Or perhaps, you are considering adding Facebook links or Twitter feeds to bring all your social media together? Or giving your website a “responsive” design so it’s displayed in a user friendly manner on mobile devices ? Your webpage can identify the device and adjust to fit its size. Call us now to get started !

Help you find a new web hosting provider

Finding a hosting provider for your website can be incredibly confusing and involve hours of searching. You think you’ve found a great one – until you find scores of online complaints about your new favourite. Again, we’ve been there.

We can provide you with a great value web hosting service that you can rely upon at all times and trust them to fix any sudden technical problems with speed and a true commitment to customer service. In our experience, good web hosting is about “value”- not finding the cheapest (or the most expensive), the biggest or the most famous – but the company that can blend everything into a great, reliable service for a reasonable price.

And we can help you secure that cool new name for your website – have you heard about all the new ones that are available now? The choice (and the time) has never been better to make the leap…

Add new features

Using a change management system (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla can really give you a head-start if you want to get a website up and running quickly on a minimal budget and you don’t have the web development skills. But there comes a day when you want to add a different type of content and there is just no way to do it. If you need someone to help with a one-off change, we can be there for you. No tied-in contracts, obligations or minimum charges, we will give you an unbeatable quote, based on the hour(s) needed !